We have tons of fiction and non-fiction resources and a Children’s Educator on staff.  Whatever the topic, we can create a field trip experience that will tie in nicely.  Themes related to Magic Tree House Books are our specialty!

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Book Orders

Teacher Wish Lists

Pick a DAY or a WEEK.  You receive 20% of all product sales during your fair.  If you choose a WEEK, you will be given coupons to hand out with your information.  Stop in at your convenience during the week, and  20% of any purchase made with the coupon will be tallied to your organization’s total earnings.  Choose a DAY, and you receive 20% of all product sales during the day, no coupon needed.

In either case,  you get a School Spirit Day at Jack and Allie’s!  Bring your mascot… Sign up teachers or parents to read (or we will)…  Ask your art teacher to run a craft station… add on a Bake Sale to earn even more… or ask us for more ideas!


Fund Raiser Events @ Jack & Allie's

Ideas For Schools

In Store Book Fair

Maybe it’s a “Class Read”… maybe a chance to purchase new Nutmeg Nominees, classic Caldecott winners or summer reading books…  maybe a selection of gift books for the holidays, ‘Books of Honor’ to be donated to the school in a child’s name, or a theme that ties into school values… We can create a customized book order form… you get 20%... how you use it is up to you.  Perhaps you want to  give the students a 20% discount?  Or you want 20% earnings?  Maybe you want to split it.  You choose… we just deliver the books at 20% off.


Field Trips


We’d love to host a special event for your school!  A Read-a-thon with jammies & popcorn… A Spelling Bee with prizes… a Class Party with a literary theme… or let us hook you up with another school for a long distance book club!


How Can We Help?

Teachers can keep a Wish List on file at Jack and Allie’s.  Anytime something is purchased off their wish list, the teacher receives 20% of the purchase in store credit!   They can use this to stock the classroom, or buy a treat for themselves.  Double the savings by having teachers set up their wish lists before a book fair!


Jack and Allie’s is a locally owned, independent bookstore.  Our passion is introducing children to fun and fantastic books to help them grow a love of reading that will last a lifetime.  We are also known for our fun parties and exciting events.  Learn how to put Reading, Events and Fun together, all while raising money for your school.  We can help you raise FUNDS while having FUN!