Mr. matt, camp Co-ordinator

Mr. Matt has been with Jack and Allie's for over three years. As a college student, we don't get to see him much during the school year, but he is the heart and soul of our summer camp program!

Mr. Matt is an Eagle Scout!

All time favorite book: "Graceling", Kristin Cashore  


Party  Hostesses

Miss Kaylie, Miss Sarah, Miss Kaitlin, and Miss Meghan all help out with party hosting!  High energy and lots of fun, you might meet them at a party or special event.


Miss Lexie, Educational and Event Coordinator

Miss Lexie is the second half of this family business.  From helping choose stock, to designing and running programs, she’s been a part of every aspect of Jack and Allie’s operations.  Miss Lexie designed the format of our very popular birthday parties and remains the most sought after party hostess.  Her music and theater background has been very much evident in her parties, camps and other programs.  Now in Boston she is student teaching and studying Elementary Education at Boston University (formerly Wheelock College),  she will still make an occasional trip back for events, and be with us during her school breaks.
Books she loves:  "The Lorax" and anything “Fancy Nancy”

Miss ginny, Retail Manager

Miss Ginny is our resident artist and is always attracted to books by their cute or unique illustrations.    She loves anything from Olivier Dunrea’s “Gossie & Friends” series!

If you’re making puppets at Jack and Allie’s, there’s a good chance Miss Ginny designed the puppet.  She's also the artist behind many of our signs and displays.  Be sure to check out her gorgeous hand-made jewelry in our "Local Interest" section!

Best J & A experience:   Receiving hugs from our special little customers. 

Miss Barbara, Owner

Mom to three awesome kids:  Vaughn, age 20, Lexie, age 19, and Zak, age 8.

Having traveled a road that took me through IT, Customer Service, Health & Wellness, Business Management, Teaching and more, I have finally created my “Happy Place”.  I have brought books I love, activities I love, and people I love into one space … and I hope you love it, too!

Favorite Read-Aloud:  “Stand Back”, Said the Elephant, “I’m Going to Sneeze” by Patricia Thomas.  If you’ve ever heard me read it, you’ll understand why it’s my favorite.  My kids still wonder why the crocodile has a British accent!

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Help Us Grow

We want to make Jack and Allie's the place YOU want to be.  Please be sure to let us know what books you would like to see on the shelf.  What other services could we offer?  What other products could we carry?  We promise to always listen and do our best to make this YOUR store!

A Labor of Love

Jack and Allie's is the culmination of a lifetime full of children, writing and education.  From Mother to Teacher, Girl Scouts to PTO, Barbara Haggerty Khan can not think of anyplace she'd rather be today than here.